In the cities located around Peruvian tourst destinations, Pablo López Luz photographs doorways and facades of buildings and houses enriched with stucco elements figuring Incaic wall design, with reversed pyramids or concentric rectangles… A visual repertory that shows a local taste for Incaic motifs, shedding some light over how they have been inserted, grafted and updated in the contemporary local context.

¨Pablo López Luz captures the power preserved by Incaic architecture, showing how the shapes from the past are being repeated and recomposed in painted figures of cement and fiberglass puzzles imitating antique stone. These lithic fictions crystallize the notion of the Nation as recipient of ancestral aesthetics and fabulous technologies. López Luz´s replicas not only offer insight into how contemporary peruvians have diversely appropiated that power for themselves; they also show how residents have reshaped and subverted its mechanism in their living enviornment¨. (Sandra Rozental, UAM)